Thai Boxing

09:52 Charmym Pancharoen 3 Comments

Today, my friends asked me out to go boxing with them. I hesitated at the first place as I was not that into sports but eventually, I decided to give it a try! and guess what? I think now I'm falling in love with boxing!! It is such an extremely fun sport that give you tons of sweat but you still want to keep punching and's like when you start it, you become unstoppable. I totally love boxing right now and I think some of you who want to experience new thing should try this as well. There are actually lots of the places in Thailand where you can learn boxing. For me, as I live in Bangkok, I went to virapolgym. You don't have to bring anything with you because they have all the equipment prepared for you. Also, it costs only 200 baht per day! what are you waiting for? Grab your boxing gloves and enjoy!

PS. I'm a Thai girl who learn Thai Boxing with Philippine coach. It is kinda weird, isn't it?

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