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Since I have been totally in love with all the blogs and inspired by bloggers all around the world, I eventually decided to start my own blog! First of all, as I'm a woman from nowhere, I want to let you guys know some of my information provided down below...Ready, Steady, Go!!!

My name is Charmym( pronounced sha-mim). That is actually my nickname which is arabic because I am a muslim. I just turned 20 on 15th February this year. Now, I'm studying in Faculty of Literature, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. I have passion in fashion, music and most of all in traveling. I have been traveling a lot since I was a kid, mostly in Thailand. I started to travel more to other countries when I got into university. Due to my traveling passion, I want to share my traveling experiences to the internet and also keep them as my diary.  Not that this blog is gonna be all about traveling, I want to share my life and things that I enjoy at the time here as well. So, all of you are welcomed. I hope this blog is gonna be somehow useful for you guys:)

Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. X
Welcome to charmym-go-round.

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  1. You're so pretty!