Monaco Bound

Last summer I went to Monaco with my friends and we had the best time of our lives! This country is just so beautiful. The buildings, the sea, the sun and the people ( especially when they have Ferrari and everything! lol ) So, I'm here to show you some amazing photos we took from my friend's camera. I hope you enjoy scrolling through these photos. Don't forget adding visiting Monaco in the very first number of your Bucket List. X  

The famous casino 

View from the bus!

 We did a little shopping at their shopping centre :)

My crew xxx

The view from above!

My outfit 
Dress from New Look
Bag from Longchamp 


Yes! I finally found the best place to hang out and to have a relaxing afternoon with my friends. It is the Agalico Cafe. This cafe is at Sukumvit soi 51 which is very near the Thonglor BTS station. Really easy to get there! All stuffs in the cafe is in white and light blue which make the place so cozy and warm. At the back of the cafe, they have a lovely garden. They have outside seats provided for you if you like to drink your favorite tea under the sun! Highly recommend this place if you feel down lately and need to relax:) I now need to go finish my iced chocolate and blueberry cheesecake. Ciao!

What we ordered

From bird-eyed view

Wrap it up with three of us in the garden :)

Thanks x
See you next time.

Ps.Visit the cafe website here


Thai Boxing

Today, my friends asked me out to go boxing with them. I hesitated at the first place as I was not that into sports but eventually, I decided to give it a try! and guess what? I think now I'm falling in love with boxing!! It is such an extremely fun sport that give you tons of sweat but you still want to keep punching and's like when you start it, you become unstoppable. I totally love boxing right now and I think some of you who want to experience new thing should try this as well. There are actually lots of the places in Thailand where you can learn boxing. For me, as I live in Bangkok, I went to virapolgym. You don't have to bring anything with you because they have all the equipment prepared for you. Also, it costs only 200 baht per day! what are you waiting for? Grab your boxing gloves and enjoy!

PS. I'm a Thai girl who learn Thai Boxing with Philippine coach. It is kinda weird, isn't it?

Getting Started

Since I have been totally in love with all the blogs and inspired by bloggers all around the world, I eventually decided to start my own blog! First of all, as I'm a woman from nowhere, I want to let you guys know some of my information provided down below...Ready, Steady, Go!!!

My name is Charmym( pronounced sha-mim). That is actually my nickname which is arabic because I am a muslim. I just turned 20 on 15th February this year. Now, I'm studying in Faculty of Literature, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. I have passion in fashion, music and most of all in traveling. I have been traveling a lot since I was a kid, mostly in Thailand. I started to travel more to other countries when I got into university. Due to my traveling passion, I want to share my traveling experiences to the internet and also keep them as my diary.  Not that this blog is gonna be all about traveling, I want to share my life and things that I enjoy at the time here as well. So, all of you are welcomed. I hope this blog is gonna be somehow useful for you guys:)

Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. X
Welcome to charmym-go-round.